When it feels as if nobody understands, we do.

There are times in life when your day-to-day events become overwhelming and stressful. Normal events become too much to handle and you find yourself thrown off balance. This might be due to a current event -a strained personal relationship, a painful divorce, or intense pressure at work. Perhaps, strong and recurring thoughts stemming from past trauma are constantly on your mind. For some people, the stress can be short-term and diminish over time. But for others, it becomes difficult- if not impossible- to manage life.

When you are at the point where thoughts are consuming you and being at ease is a day-to-day struggle, the mental pain causes you to isolate and avoid people, places, and things. Normal events that were not stressful have become unmanageable leading you to feel nervous or anxious. You cannot continue to live like this and together, we will work on healing by moving you from a place of pain and discomfort to a place of hope and happiness.

Figuring it out together

We know how that feels. That’s why we focus on helping men and women who struggle with trauma, PTSD, self-acceptance, depression, and anxiety. We specialize in healing trauma by utilizing EMDR therapy, somatic experiencing therapy and other psychotherapies to heal trauma, depression and anxiety. Our goal is to help you let go of painful burdens so that you can live at ease. 

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At the Institute of Modern Recovery, we are here to help you. Our focus will be on developing coping skills, challenging irrational beliefs and overcoming traumatic events. It would be our pleasure to help you on your journey to recovery. Do not let trauma, depression or anxiety hold you back any longer.

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