Military Treatment

Veterans and Military Therapy in San Diego

We welcome veterans and active-duty members who have served in the United States Military.

We provide treatment to those who are seeking help, regardless of their rank, discharge statues or combat experience; we are here to help. We realize that you have many sacrifices, and we want to make sure that you have a place to stand down and receive the support you need. We also provide therapy to spouses, children and other family members.


Military life consists of making frequent adjustments. Adjusting to new duty stations or rotations became habitual although stressful and challenging. Perhaps, you had adapted to war or having numerous deployments that adjusting back to civilian life has been a challenge.

Getting out of the military is a major adjustment that servicemen face. At times, plans for the next phase in life do not take place. Adjustments often generate a set of new coping skills for different environments. These environments reveal underlying issues that may not have been addressed while serving as active duty. Those issues could be PTSD, anxiety, or depression.

Many people will not understand what you are going through. At the Institute of Modern Recovery, we understand the needs of veterans and the complexity of returning to civilian life after deployment. We intentionally create a therapeutic space where you can share your experiences without fearing becoming a burden to those you love.

Getting approval for treatment

Steps to take for obtaining authorization of treatment. All active-duty members must have authorization.

  • Call Tricare to find your Primary Care Manager (PCM) or (IDC). This is your assigned doctor.
  • Contact you PCM or IDC and make an appointment.
  • State that you would like to speak to a mental health professional about your symptoms in relation to PTSD, anxiety or depression.
  • At your appointment ask for a referral to see an in-network provider at the Institute of Modern Recovery.
  • Your PCM will generate and send an authorization to Tricare, which can take up to 48 hours.

All active-duty members must have authorization prior to treatment. Family members, spouses and dependents do not need an authorization generated by a PCM.

Our evidence-based, scientifically proven interventions are demonstrated by research to be effective in addressing PTSD or trauma faced by veterans and those serving in the military.