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5 Ways to Overcome Depression

Depression is a state of mind characterized by aversion to activity and low mood and it may affect one’s sense of well-being, feelings, behavior, and thoughts. Individuals who suffer from depression may experience restlessness, anxiety, hopelessness, emptiness, helplessness, guilt, irritability, and worthlessness. About 1 in 13 individuals living in the US suffer from symptoms of moderate to severe depression. People within the age group of 40 to 59 are at the highest risk for depression.

If you suffer from depression, it is advisable you consult a therapist for professional assistance.

Here are five ways to overcome depression

Stay Active

Depression can not only destroy your will, it can also affect your energy to engage in your favorite activities. Whether or not you feel like doing anything, you should keep yourself active and busy, as it is an important step to elevate your mood. To make it easy, you can stick to the activities you love.

Eat Healthy

Research has pointed to links between the food we eat and the impact that it has on our mood. Evidence suggests that changing your diet can impact brain chemistry along with metabolism and hence your mood and your energy levels will increase. The right foods will help you feel better and keep blood sugar levels steady which will promote serotonin, the feel-good chemical in your brain.

Among these foods are brown rice, whole wheat bread, fiber, dark chocolate, oats, nuts, almonds, lean meats, salmon, and leafy green vegetables. Your body digests these foods slowly which keeps your energy level and blood sugar stable and you feel better. Consult with a nutritionist about making healthy lifestyle decisions.


The link between depression and sleep may be termed a complex one. Yet, sleeping for 8 hours a day is of utmost importance. Depression can affect your sleep and in turn inadequate sleep may further worsen your condition. Individuals who suffer from depression may experience the following symptoms: insomnia, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, daytime sleepiness and feeling fatigue after waking up. There are some natural foods such as cherries, bananas and drinking chamomile teas can aid with sleep.

Daily Task Management

Though you may not feel like carrying out your daily tasks, doing so will keep you engaged and make you feel better. Begin with simple daily tasks like running errands, tidying up your home and even going to the grocery store. The key to effectively engaging in daily task management to help you overcome depression. Remember to keep your daily list realistic and brief. You can do a minimum of two tasks from the list as it will increase your sense of accomplishment. KEEP IT SIMPLE.


Apart from physical benefits, exercise also offers some psychological benefits, increased self-esteem being one of them. Exercise reduces stress and is helpful in improving sleep, fighting depression, and anxiety. Your body releases endorphins when you work out which then interact with brain receptors to reduce the perception of pain, similarly to analgesics. Ultimately, the release of endorphins will trigger a positive feeling.

These ways will help you overcome depression naturally. However, you are strongly encouraged to consult your therapist San Diego if your depression continues or worsen. A therapist will help you understand your mood. Also a therapist can help you define and reach wellness goals.

Creston Davis, MFT
Founder, the Institute of Modern Recovery

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