Jason Astorga


Hello! I'm Jason, and I believe therapy can provide a safe space to allow for authenticity in shaping the life that suits you. Coping with trauma, intrusive thoughts, feeling stuck, and emotional detachment can significantly complicate daily tasks.

Having personally navigated  the journey of being an immigrant, moving across various cities, transitioning from military service to civilian life as a veteran, and successfully navigating the education system as a first-generation college student, I've honed the ability to connect with individuals. My goal is to deeply understand the influence of your diverse identities and experiences on your resilience while facilitating your growth in learning new skills. 

I have experience working with various trauma, anxiety, depression, life transition stressors, and thought disorders.  I utilize a client-centered approach in therapy, where we create room for collaboration to build the foundation of a trusting relationship.   I am committed to providing compassionate and empathic care to support you in your journey towards self-discovery.  Together,  we can explore your strengths, culture, identity(s), relationships, and build confidence while simultaneously unlearning and learning various coping skills.  Please feel free to connect with me to see if working with me will be suitable for you!


John Evosevich

Clinical Supervisor